Monday, January 31, 2011

33 weeks 5 days

Ok, so we have a little while to go but my little Moose is weighing in 2 lbs over what he Moose is no exageration! 2 weeks ago he was measuring 5 lbs 15 6 lbs. He was suppose to weigh right at 4 pounds! He should gain a half a pound a week so he should be 7 pounds on Wednesday! Yes, I still want to go naturally!
My face is starting to gain weight, joy!

We're so ready to meet our little due time!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A little nesting...

Billy and I are blessed beyond measure. My family has given John Pierce and us more than we could ever expect or understand. We are so extremely grateful for the amazing Christmas we just had. My parents have us our nursery furniture...our crib, chest of drawers and dresser.
Here is the chest of drawers that we are going to use as a changing table!
I am so in love with the Glory Haus canvas hanging above it.
It says, "You are a child of God, you are wonderfully made, dearly loved and precious in his sight. Before God made you, He knew you...there is no one like you!"
The dresser!
The silhouette picture is of me at 17 weeks. My mom had silhouettes made of my nieces and nephews for my sisters and decided to have one made of my pregnancy...and I love it! What a neat way to capture such a beautiful time!
The blue picture frame has the nursery rhyme "What are little boys made of"on it...I think it foreshadows the excitement that we are going to experience with this little boy of ours...if he's anything like his daddy!

I'm SO in love with this crib! I think it matches our style perfectly!

And for the cradle...I'm so excited about this...My brother-in-law Tom slept in this as a baby...all of my sister Jessica's babies slept in, my little lamb will sleep in it too! I love the history that we will get to teach John Pierce one day, and hopefully siblings of his as well!

We are FAR from finished with the nursery or even the cradle but I'm feeling a sense of "on top of things" so far...and it's a good feeling! Our crib bedding should be here in 3 weeks... having that will be a big step in the completion of his nursery for sure!

I never really understood the phrase, "It takes a village to raise a child" until this Christmas, my family is as tight as a village for sure. I also never fully understood Mary's sacrifice until this year. What an amazing woman she was.

It is hard for me to imagine loving my little lamb more than I already do but I know somehow I will...and I'm so excited to smell his sweet little head, kiss his little hands and feet and soothe his fussiness.