Thursday, September 30, 2010

16 weeks and 3 days!

One of the girls in my High School small group is an AMAZING photographer! She came up with the precious idea of taking a few pictures of me every 5 weeks through out my pregnancy and putting it into a week sequence ending with our little lamb curled up on my chest! Here is a more covered picture of little Lamb and me! We took it last night so I was 16 weeks and 3 days!
I feel like the belly looks like a cone...but nonetheless he/she is growing like kudzu! In fact, it is 5 inches and 3 pounds this week...HOLY CRAP!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still behind...still a bad blogger!

Every other Summer my sisters, their families, my mom and now our little family go to Hilton Head. We usually go in late May but Billy was still deployed so we waited and went the end of July...let me tell you, it was HOT but it was so fun!
Here is our beautiful family!

All 5 of the little ones. I love how Kilah and Mason look mischevious!
These babies are the sweetest set of twins I have ever known! You tell them you want to take a picture of them and this is what they do. No instruction, simply love. It's precious!
Bestfriends, with matching hair styles, American Girls babies and chatting always.
Tom is great with ideas and getting the kids out of the house. The girls are in a "carrier" because we were riding to get ice cream! It was so fun!
This is the FUNNIEST kid I have ever met! Next time you see him, ask him to do his Elvis dance!
Brodie LOVES his Uncle Biwwy.
Brodie had to do everything Mason but especially Miles did, including, "gooby goarding"! Look at his sweet little face!
I just can't help it, they are too beautiful!
Miles "gooby goarding"
It was almost miserable on the beach it was so hot. Whoever brought the unbrella, the babies and I thank you! Look at Mason's face! Always a joker!
He HATED his Ice Cream, can you tell?
We learned that July in Hilton Head is the beginning of Jelly Fish season...Miles was the first to get stung...he was so big about it. This was as much of a grimace as he let out!
I had to post this. I love it. Billy is so great.
He hung in with my family like he had been there for years! Shows me even more that God had my family and me in mind when he was making him!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First comes love...check.

Then comes marriage...check.
Then comes baby...check
In a baby carriage...
YES!!! It has happened! God has given us a baby...well, in my belly! Today, I am 14 weeks and feel fabulous! My first trimester was ROUGH, but that's such a blessing because that means the baby is healthy! Now, I feel like I have narcolepsy, another good sign! I swear I could fall asleep at a red light and sleep for hours! We are so stinking excited about this little Lamb we have been given! We find out on October 4th what we are having but I think it is a GIRL! Ah, she would come out with bows on...big ones! And if it's a boy...he will come out in a bubble suit with a white button down collar underneath and a monogram on the front! PRECIOUS!!! I know I shouldn't say this but March can't get here soon enough! I really just can't wait to meet this precious Lamb!

At 9 weeks with our, "Future Volunteer"
At 11 weeks!