Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Decisions Made

After resetting our date and realizing that I have less then 140 days until I become Mrs. Sparks and barely having anything figured out except for my dress, who's making my cake, who's going to marry us and our bridal party...I started freaking out! Within a week God has truly blessed me with easy decisions and making them happen. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders...I have booked the Knoxville Museum of Art for the ceremony and reception...and picked out bridesmaid dresses...
Here she is...I'm so in love with it that I want one for myself!
So our bridal party is going to be...

Martons of honor:
Jessica Denton and Amanda Miles

Emily Hildreth
Emily Wagner
Rachel Morton
Katy Sparks

Kevin Sparks
Matthew Luogameno
Scott Brown
Tyler Fogerty
Travis Harris
James Wagner

Junior Bridesmaids:
Morri Garrett
Maya Zaouk
Marya Zaouk

Junior Groomsmen:
Mason Pierce
Miles Denton
Mason Denton

Flower girls:
Anna Katherine Denton
Kilah Miles

Ring Barriers:
Brodie Miles
Jackson Sparks

Shew...could there be any more people? I have to say though, I'm pretty excited to see my little ones in tuxes and princess dresses! We laugh because Brodie and Jack and going to take forever to walk dow the isle from talking and trying to throw their pillows and Kilah and Anna are going to be show stealers with all their sas and zeal...I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped at every aisle to talk to people!
So that is the latest on the wedding planning! If you have any ideas...let me know!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Set a new date already!

As most of you know Billy and I had set our wedding date for September 12! Well, the Air Force had different ideas on when our nuptials should happen! Billy has been notified that he may have to deploy again either at the end of August or the end of November again! So planning for a September wedding is obviously out! We have decided that August 8, 2009 is the new date! We are ecstatic about it! Though he may have to leave shortly after, he may not and honestly I'm just excited to be his wife! God works in mysterious ways I must say! My youth minister growing up whom I am extremely close with was unable to marry us in September because his wife is expecting a baby towards the end of September, and it caused a great deal of strife for me that he wouldn't be able to be there...but with the new date he is going to marry us and I honestly couldn't be happier! All of our vendors have graciously worked with us to make this change happen...God knew this was the day and the September date wasn't!
So, there you have it...the Air Force now owns me...they like August 8th too!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Merging

"I fix ya haiah"
Please notice how Amanda is standing...and how Kilah is standing...

"Uncle Boo" and Jackson...
"I wear big girl panties"

On Sunday night my mom had my whole family over and Billy's family over and we "merged". We had so much fun! The kids all played so well as you could see...Anna only had 1 accident, which I thought was a success! We didn't have any come a parts! There was tons of laughter...I couldn't have asked for it to have gone any better! Jack calls Billy Uncle Boo...and Brodie calls him Aunt Billy...I think this is hilarious, by the way!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet Memories...

The night it all started!
On our hike in Cades Cove
After his surprise birthday party I threw him!
One of my favorites of us...in the car, on our way to Valdosta from his house.

Michael McKenry's wedding

The night he met my dads side of the family!

The night he left for Iraq.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"So is that a Yes or a No?"

Welp, its official! He did it! After we had our welcome home excitement and as I was coming back to reality he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him!
I love this picture! This is where he was asking me...after he handed me the ring, I inspected it, then started putting it on my finger and realized that I should probably kiss him and check her out later..."so is that a yes or a no?" being the sass that I am I proceeded to shake my head no while kissing him!


Mrs. Sparkles! I could not be happier with his pickings! Good Job baby!
The day was truly magical for us! We couldn't be happier to be together again and to be home! After he purposed his roommate, and best man Lugi had a bottle of champagne ready for us! All the guys that he was deployed with knew what he was planning so he grabbed my hand, held it up and yelled, "SHE SAID YES"...big surprise right? He did such a great job making me feel special and in the moment! Mmm

He's Back!!!

YEY!!! Billy came home on March 6th from what seemed to be the longest 110 days of my life! It was magical to say the least watching his plane land and all of the guys getting off the plane and onto the bus (they rode a bus literally 100 yards to the hanger where the families were waiting for them) then watching them file off the bus. It was like a "Where's Waldo" game trying to figure out which of the 3 buses your airman was on then finding him! We got lucky because I spotted one of his friends before they started filing off the bus so I knew which one he was on! I can't describe to you the emotion that this picture holds. It was so surreal to get to touch him again! I swear that first kiss was the best kiss of my life! It was a crazy thing for me because I was anxious and worried the whole time he was gone and the second we hugged it all went away. I felt like a "momma bear"! Thank you to all who prayed for him while he was gone! Your kindness and love means the world to both of us!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feel It!

Hello all! So this first post is a bit awkward for me...how do you start a blog? Is there etiquette? Whatever, Thanks for reading and supporting us! It means the world to us. I love the idea of everyone getting to know him or me through this since we are so spread out! Love you all!