Sunday, July 31, 2011

Johnny Jumper

Yo gave John Pierce a "Johnny Jumper" and we tried it out a few days ago...he was a little skeptical at first...not having the strength to keep it from turning in circles but quickly figured it out and loved it!

 These two are a pair.  John Pierce spends "hours" staring at daddy!
 How precius is that little face???

 Playing so mommy can enjoy her coffee and quiet time!
Thank you Yo!!! 
I really can't believe how big my baby is.  Time has gone by so quickly!  I feel like I haven't had time to truly encompass his presence and developments because of our crazy move but I'm thankful we moved so early in his life that I can really live and revel in all of his developments and sweet accomplishments that are coming!  What a blessing it is to be his mommy.
Happy Sunday friends!

Monday, July 25, 2011


We LOVE cereal in this house.  Mommy, daddy and now Lambie.  I started him 3 day before he turned 4 months and he has loved it from the get go!

He is growing so fast.  My heart couldn't be more full.

Monday, July 18, 2011

"Hard Truth"

I just found this and it spoke volumes to me.  I hope it speaks to you!
It's called Hard Truth.

Happy Monday friends.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I want to win...

I'm posting this to better my chances of winning this DVD...after having John Pierce it's taken me longer than I would like to lose my "baby weight".  I started running and working out for about an hour and a half a day and dropping weight but my milk supply also started dropping so I let off and we all know that if I don't do something full force...I usually don't do, I stopped...lame, I know! Anyway, at Lackland you have to pay to take classes at the gym and they don't have a nursery...not that I'd leave my baby with them anyway so working out there is out and running first thing in the morning or at night is out because at 9am...after nursing and cereal then my breakfast 9 is usually our kick start is at least 90 outside and it doesn't usually get below 90 until sun down which is I don't know what time...we went to bed last night at 10 and the sun was just am I EVER going to get little lamb to go to bed when he's 3?

Anyway, I "like" this girl on facebook...she's a coupon guru and posts all sorts of fun, go like her on facebook... go stalk her blog, enter yourself in the contest!  Contest ends Friday at 11:59 central Knoxvillians...12:59...go!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 months, already!

My baby is almost 4 months...I'm a bit behind! Anyway, here are some pictures of him from 3 months! Beware...there is a lot!

We really love our Sophie Giraffe...she goes everywhere with us!
Our new trick...grabbing, holding and putting everything in our mouth!

Look at his facial expression...apparently "Nana" did something he wasn't fond of! :)

"Oh, Nana!"

Could he be ANY cuter?

My little Model...showing you his keys!

Handsome boy with his best friend!

Our first exersaucer experience!

And we love it too!

He really is so special!

He just talks away and reaches for who he wants to hold him or what he wants to play with. He's starting to vocalize his opinions and stand firm on them...sigh, I wonder who he got that from? He laughs when he is tickled too! He's in 6-9 month Carter's clothes and size 3 diapers. He weighs 16 pounds and is 25 inches long! He sleeps from 8pm-4am then again until 8. He is very routine oriented and gets really frustrated when I mess with it. We've started teething and drool and chew constantly.

I'm starting him on whole wheat rice cereal in a few days and I really can't believe it.

It really does go by so fast!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mother's Day

I have to tell husband is ah-mazing! He made my first Mother's Day so special!

He woke up, took the baby, made me breakfast in bed, got the baby ready for church. Came home from church and cooked lunch, cleaned up lunch. We took a nap as a family then he made supper...and cleaned up. Not to mention the amazing present he gave me!

My sweet lamb and I sitting outside while daddy grilled brats and veggies for lunch!

Showing me his "billy's" or muscles.

My perfect Mother's Day gift! (not pictured...2 huge dove milk chocolate bars!)

A perfect first Mother's Day for me!