Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bridal Portrait!

Here it is!!! I can finally show you...My Bridal Portrait! The first 2 are my absolute very favorite pictures that have ever been taken of me! I hope you like them!


It monsooned that day!

Now, I want to go back and do it all over again...just like it was!

Saturday, August 22, 2009 original?

We went on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallerta! We had so much fun! It was so nice to get away and not have a phone or computer to play on and play with each other and eat our self stupid! We met some crazy, funny, different people that helped make our trip! Here our some of our favorite pictures!
Our first formal night!
The funniest night of my life! Note the look on my husbands face.
On the beach in Cabo, obviously our ship is behind us!
Us before we got in those jungle, war buggies behind us and went on a ride, up hill for like 3 miles...
Coming down the first line...
On the first line!
MY handsome HUSBAND! It's still weird!
At the Tequila Distillery in Mazatlan
Puerto Vallerta!
At our last port...but our favorite! Puerto Vallerta! We want to go back soon! The people were so friendly, the city was clean, the water was beautiful!

Our Heavenly Day!

So, the day has come and gone and I have to tell you...I actually have the wedding blues! I want to do it all over again...can you believe it? I cant! The day was absolutely perfect...went off without a hitch and was, in my eyes, the most beautiful wedding I have ever really was our heavenly day; the day that I have dreamed of since I was little and it really was my dream! Here are some pictures that I've stolen off facebook that people have posted! As soon as I have the link from the photographers I will let you know! Enjoy!
Rehearsal! With the fun bouquet my Sweet sister Amanda made for me!
Putting my dress of my very favorite pictures of the day so far!
My sassy, sexy red shoes!
My beautiful Maids!
Walking under the arch at the beginning of the aisle!
Seeing each other for the first time! His face was the sweetest sight.
Mr. and Mrs. William Sparks!
Cutting the cake with a Sabre...we had planned to be nice...and he was, until I slammed cake into his face. Somehow I ended up with more cake on my face then he did!
In honor of having a military wedding we decided that we would honor all of our grandfathers...who are the only deceased grandparents, by hanging a picture of them in uniform on a tree. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!
Dancing with my sweet daddy!

Bachelorette PARTY!!!

So, my bestfriend Emily threw me the best bachelorette party ever! We started at the downtown Hilton. We laid out at their roof top pool, then got ready, opened nasty presents, veiled me, then went to dinner at Cafe 4, Sapphire, and Hannah's in the old city. With a night cap at Divinci's pizza!
Amanda placing my veil on my head! It has penis mints, condoms and glow in the dark penis' on the band!
All of us outside Cafe 4
I knightd a gay man!
The end of the night! I'll leave you with the saying of the night...perfect penis placement!

Been a while!

I'm sorry for neglecting you dear blog for life has been a bit crazy! Today marks Billy and my 2 week anniversary. We are celebrating by watching the Christian/Newsome trial live on, mowing the much needed, over grown yard, updating you...and yes, writing thank you notes. For dinner we are having steak kabobs and baked potatoes, and yes, promised to prepare Billy's for him like his momma does; and I can tell you he is ecstatic. Last night I introduced Billy to the world of McBride nachos, after he insisted I make his the way he likes...cheese only and barely melted, while mine are loaded with salsa and chips almost burned, he was eating off my pan and breaking the burnt edges off my day he will learn to trust my taste in food! I will close with a promise to upload some pictures from my bachelorette party, wedding and second!