Saturday, August 22, 2009

Been a while!

I'm sorry for neglecting you dear blog for life has been a bit crazy! Today marks Billy and my 2 week anniversary. We are celebrating by watching the Christian/Newsome trial live on, mowing the much needed, over grown yard, updating you...and yes, writing thank you notes. For dinner we are having steak kabobs and baked potatoes, and yes, promised to prepare Billy's for him like his momma does; and I can tell you he is ecstatic. Last night I introduced Billy to the world of McBride nachos, after he insisted I make his the way he likes...cheese only and barely melted, while mine are loaded with salsa and chips almost burned, he was eating off my pan and breaking the burnt edges off my day he will learn to trust my taste in food! I will close with a promise to upload some pictures from my bachelorette party, wedding and second!

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