Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My favorite room of ALL TIME!

Our Sweet little Lambs Nursery!
The chalkboard is probably my favorite thing besides our bedding in the room! I happened to look down and see it at Hobby Lobby and Billy found this translation of 1 Sam. 1:27,

"I asked the Lord to give me this boy and he has granted my request"
We thought it was absolutely perfect!
The glider! The most comfortable place to sit in my house. I'm in love with it!
Now for the bedding! We were fortunate enough to receive our bedding as a Christmas gift from my sisters and it came in last night! I'm SO in love with it!

Here is his sweet monogram!
A full view of the bedding!
A friend of ours made this for us! His Hospital sign! When he finally comes we will add his measurements to the bottom half of the cross! When we get home it will hang on his door!
I sit here in amazement, that this is where my life has ended up!
Married to my very best friend...whom I NEVER saw myself with while dating in High School or after for that matter...a man of God who leads me daily, who picks me up when I'm unbearable. Who makes me laugh all the time especially when I DO NOT want to! And I'm about to have his child, a son, whom we have prayed for for such a long time. I am completely bewildered at my age, that I am old enough to be married and starting a family of my own. But mostly I feel blessed beyond measure to be given such a gift that we call our little lamb. I cry when I think about how life has turned God is allowing us to live our dreams. Mine being one that I think every little girl dreams of...marrying her best friend, who loves the Lord more than her and her more than himself; to bear his children and to stay at home and raise them. Billy's (I think) being another one a lot of little boys dream about, being a Drill Sergeant and bossing young men around and training them to defend something so dear to our hearts, to have a wife that loves him and will follow him anywhere, and a son who will undoubtably idolize him for a long time to come.
As I cry the only thing that seems to come out of my mouth is:
God is so good.