Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We all had a blast! Here are some pictures from our boating adventures! We missed Blake but had a great time none the less! Enjoy!

Mason got to drive with pops!

My big Miles...even his profile is breathe taking!

Sweetest smile!

Our sweet best friends in GA came up for the weekend and our engagement party! We love them so and are so glad they came!

Brodie, who's your best buddy? "Uncle Biwy"!

Sweet Banana!

Widdle Billy was a widdle afraid?

There is nothing like spending precious time on the lake with people you love!!! I have to tell you...Kilah walked up to Billy and said, "thank you for serving our country uncle billlly" I could have cried at the sweetness of her heart. Even though she didn't really understand what she was thanking him for it was such a sweet moment between them. She was so sincere and loving at that moment!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have all the wedding planning done, praise the Lord! And now is the time to enjoy being a bride-to-be and all the things that come with it...and I'm doing so, I promise!
I am extremely emotional about everything. It keeps setting in to me that I'm about to leave my family. My sweet, sweet babies that I adore and can't go a few days without seeing. One of my favorite things in my great life is being with them! My Miles being the sweet 6 year old who doesn't give affection, smiling at me to let me know he loves and watching him play baseball. My sweet Mason asking me why I dont come around more because he wants to spend time with me...because he knows that when Billy and I get married I am moving and we wont be able to spend time together. My little Princess Anna always giving me kisses with her precious little lips and telling me she loves me more! My Diva Kilah wanting me to put her to bed no matter who is there. Wanting to do my make-up and fix my hair. My little Brodie and his tender love moments of excitement that I'm there and wanting to just sit and hug my neck. Baaaah.

My mom, my sisters, my dad and step-mom, my brother-in-laws. Not having Sunday lunch with them every Sunday, not going over to their houses for dinner whenever I miss them, not being a drive down the street away. The relationships I have within my family have never been so strong or meaningful. Leaving this is going to be extremely hard.

My friends. I've moved away before but it has never been this hard. I guess I'm growing up.
The frienships I have are the most amazing I have ever had. They each serve a different purpose and feed me with that purpose and love. I really have the best group of girls in my life. My Pants, her parents, My Rachel, January, My sisters. They are all a girls needs in the friend department.

God is faithful, God is good, God has a plan of greatness...Billy and I are God's plan for eachother and we will be fruitful. God will heal my wounds and build new relationships. He will strengthen those that need to be strengthened with our new distance. And I will finally get to be with my joyous is that...though I am emotional about my new change...I am over joyed!

With Love,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You out of towners!

Ok, I have set up a group of Block rooms at the Holiday Inn Downtown for you! It is within walking distance of the Museum where everything is gonna be held!
You will need to reserve your room BEFORE JULY 17, OR YOU WILL NOT GET THE SPECIAL RATE!
You also need the code of: MSW
The number for the hotel is 865-522-2800.
We're so glad you decided to share in our Heavenly Day!

The Dress!!!

Hello All!
I thought I would give you an update...MY FREAKING WEDDING DRESS CAME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not excited at all...can you tell? Just kidding mom!
I have to tell you that its tight, which is a good thing because I only have to have the straps taken up a bit...that's it...well ok and boobs added! Pronovias is AMAZING!
It was really surreal for me to put on MY wedding dress! Like, for real this is happening. I have been so stressed out and frustrated with all that comes with planning a wedding that I'm so excited and rather emotional at this point. I get to enjoy all of it and I've said that a big wedding isn't worth the stress but after yesterday and putting my dress is all so worth it! And I have to say that I wouldn't want this any other way! I can not wait to walk down the aisle and see him, and to say our vows in front of everyone. To have our first dance and my dance with my sweet pops! I really can't wait to eat the food that we have mom rocks in that department as you all know, so I let her take reign and she couldn't have done a better job! Thanks Momma, for all of your effort and patience!

The hard part is done...I'm about to be Mrs. William Sparks! And I have the most perfect dress to go with our perfect day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Due by popular demand: Links to our Registry's!
You can go to any of these links, click on bridal registry or something of that sort, fill out the questions they ask (the answers are below the link).
Give a Gift:
Becca McBride
Becca McBride
August 2009
Becca McBride
August 2009
Becca McBride
August 2009

We are also registered at Target but not online.
I am asking if you buy us something from Target that you include the gift receipt with the gift. Target wont let us exchange or return things without it and a lot of our items are on each store!

So there you go Aunt Bev! I'm so excited you are coming to the wedding! I can't wait to see you...and for you to meet the most amazing man! Love you!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nashville, GA

So Billy and I have decided that we are going to live in Nashville, Ga...where he lives right now until his lease is up in the beginning of January or if he gets selected for the November deployment again (the exact same deployment he was on last time...i will be nothing less then pissed off, but this is another convo). If he is on the deployment in Nov. we will get out of the lease when he gets his orders so I don't have to live 30 minutes away from everyone I know or move myself will little help!
We both really love this house so I'm glad that we are staying in it, but the location of it really blows. Our house is 30 minutes from Valdosta, way...the closest town, where all of our friends live, that people around here call "the city"...IT IS NOT A CITY! But it is sweet and we love it!

I have to say that I am honestly about over this whole wedding planning and being away from Billy stuff. I am so ready to be with him all the time, to be a family, to be a couple. I am a completely different person when I am with a good way. I'm happy, funny, care free. We are care free and laughing all the time. The stress of a wedding, though I LOVE the excitement of the ideas and I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end. I JUST WANT TO BE WITH HIM! I just want to be Mrs. Sparks. I'm in Ga right now and I have tears in my eyes because I have to drive home tomorrow. God is preparing us for great strength with his deployments with us being apart and I truly believe that.

I started thinking about what I want to say in my vows (my sweet fiance has already started writing his) and I'm stuck. I don't know that there is something inside of me that I feel for him that I have not expressed. That I have not acknowledged. I feel so blessed that I can express these feelings to him but then hindered because I am so open with him. Any Ideas?

Today we spent the day with 3 other couples and had so much fun! Our life together is going to be blessed and full.

Ok, so this is the most random entry to date. Sorry!

Stupid Swine Flu

Well...we found out yesterday that our great honeymoon cruise has been rerouted to Northern Cali and Canada, until further notice, due to the swine flu...WTF? Ok, I'm sorry but there has been 1 death in the US and they aren't even sure that the poor child died due to the flu because of previous and reoccurring health problems. Why are we all freaking out so much?
Needless to say, we are not very pleased. But I keep telling my worried fiancee that the flu will be gone by August and that we shouldn't worry about it! So...we may not be going on a cruise after all...maybe a honeymoon in wine country? I would love either for sure!