Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Dress!!!

Hello All!
I thought I would give you an update...MY FREAKING WEDDING DRESS CAME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not excited at all...can you tell? Just kidding mom!
I have to tell you that its tight, which is a good thing because I only have to have the straps taken up a bit...that's it...well ok and boobs added! Pronovias is AMAZING!
It was really surreal for me to put on MY wedding dress! Like, for real this is happening. I have been so stressed out and frustrated with all that comes with planning a wedding that I'm so excited and rather emotional at this point. I get to enjoy all of it and I've said that a big wedding isn't worth the stress but after yesterday and putting my dress on...it is all so worth it! And I have to say that I wouldn't want this any other way! I can not wait to walk down the aisle and see him, and to say our vows in front of everyone. To have our first dance and my dance with my sweet pops! I really can't wait to eat the food that we have selected...my mom rocks in that department as you all know, so I let her take reign and she couldn't have done a better job! Thanks Momma, for all of your effort and patience!

The hard part is done...I'm about to be Mrs. William Sparks! And I have the most perfect dress to go with our perfect day!

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