Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nashville, GA

So Billy and I have decided that we are going to live in Nashville, Ga...where he lives right now until his lease is up in the beginning of January or if he gets selected for the November deployment again (the exact same deployment he was on last time...i will be nothing less then pissed off, but this is another convo). If he is on the deployment in Nov. we will get out of the lease when he gets his orders so I don't have to live 30 minutes away from everyone I know or move myself will little help!
We both really love this house so I'm glad that we are staying in it, but the location of it really blows. Our house is 30 minutes from Valdosta, way...the closest town, where all of our friends live, that people around here call "the city"...IT IS NOT A CITY! But it is sweet and we love it!

I have to say that I am honestly about over this whole wedding planning and being away from Billy stuff. I am so ready to be with him all the time, to be a family, to be a couple. I am a completely different person when I am with a good way. I'm happy, funny, care free. We are care free and laughing all the time. The stress of a wedding, though I LOVE the excitement of the ideas and I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end. I JUST WANT TO BE WITH HIM! I just want to be Mrs. Sparks. I'm in Ga right now and I have tears in my eyes because I have to drive home tomorrow. God is preparing us for great strength with his deployments with us being apart and I truly believe that.

I started thinking about what I want to say in my vows (my sweet fiance has already started writing his) and I'm stuck. I don't know that there is something inside of me that I feel for him that I have not expressed. That I have not acknowledged. I feel so blessed that I can express these feelings to him but then hindered because I am so open with him. Any Ideas?

Today we spent the day with 3 other couples and had so much fun! Our life together is going to be blessed and full.

Ok, so this is the most random entry to date. Sorry!

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