Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1st swim!

I have SUCH a big boy! Two week ago we met up with our friend Nikki and her twin boys, Kyler and Kasen, and headed to the pool. I was EXTREMELY nervous to take him and let him be in the sun AND to put him in the pool...but I let go and did it! No, he didn't get sunburnt, yes, I used sunscreen...contrary to popular belief you CAN put sunscreen on an infant younger than 6 months. The reason they tell you not to is because they don't want you to solely rely on the sunscreen to protect their silky, new skin!

I had Nikki's husband, Ryan, video this "first" because Billy was working and I didn't want him to miss this...and I wanted to be able to relive it a million times when he is grown! I also knew that my mom and sisters would kill me if I didn't video or take pictures! So without further is my boys first swim!!!