Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today is your day...

John Pierce Sparks
Friday, March 11, 2011 at 6:58 pm.
9 pounds 5 ounces
21 inches
The most amazing experience of my life. Billy got to actually deliver our son...My recollection of this moment doesn't do the moment must ask Billy. I didn't really understand that he was actually delivering our son until I looked down to see the babys head and saw Billys hands holding him...turning his shoulders and pulling some more. I looked up at Billy as clearly as I could through my weeping and saw him weeping with joy, amazement and love.
Truly a Godly experience, we will never forget.
This picture is one of my favorite pictures I have ever mom and sisters (the hens as I refer to them as) had snuck into the delivery room and hidden behind the curtain to see the baby and take pictures, I was not happy about this but God has a way of changing things and making everything ok. Jaja (Jessica) took this picture and I am so grateful.
I felt like I was in a cloud, I was hemorrhaging and couldn't see my son from the nurses doing their thing and Billy watching, so God gave me the distraction of worrying about my family seeing my "good girl" instead of concentrating on what was happening and my now realization that I was so weak from blood loss that I would have missed out on part of the amazement in what we were experiencing as a family, big and small.
I look at this picture and I get teary eyed...I see the love that my husband has for me and it takes my breath away. God has truly blessed me with him.
His sweet sweet little feet
The perfection that God has given angel we call John Pierce.
I know this is so cliche but it is so true, you do not know love until you have a child. I love my husband more, the Lord more, and my son in a way I have never felt. Life is so different, I see things differently, I react differently and it's all because of this little guy who I feel magically appeared one beautiful Friday evening.
I'm trying not to be a crazy lady and let others change him or hold him or be paranoid about something happening when he is sleeping...but it is so hard...I'm now expected to share him after he and I have been in a private relationship for 10 months, it almost breaks my heart, does break my heart...then I look at my sweet husband with our son and it suddenly makes everything easy and ok...kind of!