Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have all the wedding planning done, praise the Lord! And now is the time to enjoy being a bride-to-be and all the things that come with it...and I'm doing so, I promise!
I am extremely emotional about everything. It keeps setting in to me that I'm about to leave my family. My sweet, sweet babies that I adore and can't go a few days without seeing. One of my favorite things in my great life is being with them! My Miles being the sweet 6 year old who doesn't give affection, smiling at me to let me know he loves and watching him play baseball. My sweet Mason asking me why I dont come around more because he wants to spend time with me...because he knows that when Billy and I get married I am moving and we wont be able to spend time together. My little Princess Anna always giving me kisses with her precious little lips and telling me she loves me more! My Diva Kilah wanting me to put her to bed no matter who is there. Wanting to do my make-up and fix my hair. My little Brodie and his tender love moments of excitement that I'm there and wanting to just sit and hug my neck. Baaaah.

My mom, my sisters, my dad and step-mom, my brother-in-laws. Not having Sunday lunch with them every Sunday, not going over to their houses for dinner whenever I miss them, not being a drive down the street away. The relationships I have within my family have never been so strong or meaningful. Leaving this is going to be extremely hard.

My friends. I've moved away before but it has never been this hard. I guess I'm growing up.
The frienships I have are the most amazing I have ever had. They each serve a different purpose and feed me with that purpose and love. I really have the best group of girls in my life. My Pants, her parents, My Rachel, January, My sisters. They are all a girls needs in the friend department.

God is faithful, God is good, God has a plan of greatness...Billy and I are God's plan for eachother and we will be fruitful. God will heal my wounds and build new relationships. He will strengthen those that need to be strengthened with our new distance. And I will finally get to be with my joyous is that...though I am emotional about my new change...I am over joyed!

With Love,


  1. I too am emotional at the thougth. I am gripped by the understanding of all joyous occasions come with bittersweet feeling. I will miss you so much, but I know this is what you have to do and am so excited for you. i love you!

  2. i am very sad and happy all at the same time! i never thought we would be as close as we are right now in a million years...and now you are leaving me! but it could not be for a better reason! i love you boo and i love billy but most importantly i love the people you and billy are when you are together! that will make this easier i hope...... love you!