Friday, March 27, 2009

Set a new date already!

As most of you know Billy and I had set our wedding date for September 12! Well, the Air Force had different ideas on when our nuptials should happen! Billy has been notified that he may have to deploy again either at the end of August or the end of November again! So planning for a September wedding is obviously out! We have decided that August 8, 2009 is the new date! We are ecstatic about it! Though he may have to leave shortly after, he may not and honestly I'm just excited to be his wife! God works in mysterious ways I must say! My youth minister growing up whom I am extremely close with was unable to marry us in September because his wife is expecting a baby towards the end of September, and it caused a great deal of strife for me that he wouldn't be able to be there...but with the new date he is going to marry us and I honestly couldn't be happier! All of our vendors have graciously worked with us to make this change happen...God knew this was the day and the September date wasn't!
So, there you have it...the Air Force now owns me...they like August 8th too!

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