Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First comes love...check.

Then comes marriage...check.
Then comes baby...check
In a baby carriage...
YES!!! It has happened! God has given us a baby...well, in my belly! Today, I am 14 weeks and feel fabulous! My first trimester was ROUGH, but that's such a blessing because that means the baby is healthy! Now, I feel like I have narcolepsy, another good sign! I swear I could fall asleep at a red light and sleep for hours! We are so stinking excited about this little Lamb we have been given! We find out on October 4th what we are having but I think it is a GIRL! Ah, she would come out with bows on...big ones! And if it's a boy...he will come out in a bubble suit with a white button down collar underneath and a monogram on the front! PRECIOUS!!! I know I shouldn't say this but March can't get here soon enough! I really just can't wait to meet this precious Lamb!

At 9 weeks with our, "Future Volunteer"
At 11 weeks!

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