Monday, August 16, 2010

Been we'll start anew!

I'm SUCH a blog slacker! I have my excuses of a broken computer and Billy having his so I had went without but...I could have made it work! Anyway, I was having a hard time trying to figure out where to start back. Jess said, "Start with today!" Way to much has happened since the last blog to just start today. So here are some pictures of what has happened since forever ago!

My sweet Husband deployed to Iraq in January and faithfully returned in June! Here we are, saying goodbye at 5 am. If I look swollen it's because I was, crying will do that to a girl!
And his promised return to me! I cry looking at this. It was such a blessed day!

July 4th! It was a great picture so I had to share.
On his leave we went home to Knoxville for about 2 weeks and here are some pictures of our adventures!
Billy's family lived in Cades Cove so we went to Sparks Lane and saw the grave site of a lot of our history. I thought it was really neat!
Us with Mike, Billy's dad at Sparks Lane!
At River Rapids in Townsend.

Mason and Uncle Billy getting some quality time together. Billy obviously enjoying himself...Mason, not so much!
I will update again tomorrow...once I figure out how to get a picture on my computer that I want to share! It's a good one, promise!

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