Thursday, October 15, 2009

For the Military Wives.

I saw this today and it brought me to tears. It may not mean much to most of you who will read this, but maybe you will see a little into the life of a military wife!

For the Military Wives.
This is for the sad military wives, the angry military wives, and the strong military wives.
This is for the young women that are waking up at 6 a.m. every morning, laying out clothes and packing three lunches for those small precious children that they have been left alone to care for. This is for the pregnant military wife wondering if her husband will make it home in time to watch their miracle happen.
This is for the childless military wife, living in a town or on a base alone where she is a complete stranger to her surroundings.
This is for the women that feel like a third leg when they go out with their friends and their husbands.
This is for the military wife that canceled all her plans to wait by the phone, and even though the phone broke up and cut off every time you spoke to him you waited anyway.
This is a pledge to the women that cry themselves to sleep in an empty bed.
This is to recognize the woman that felt like she was dying inside when he said he had to go, but smiled for him anyway.
This is for those of you that are faithfully waiting in that long line at the post office once a month, handling 2 large boxes like a pro.
This is for that woman that decided to remodel the house to pass the time, and then realized that she had no idea what she was doing and sighed, wished she had a little help.
This is for all the lonely nights, all the one-person dinners, and all of the wondering thoughts because you haven't heard from him in days.
A toast to you for falling apart, and putting yourselves back together.
Because a pay check isn't enough, a body pillow in your bed is no consolation, and a web cam can never compare.
This is for all of you no matter how easy or hard this is for you. Our marines/soldiers/ airmen/sailors/coasties are brave, they are heroes, but so are we.
So the next time someone tells you that they would never marry a military guy, don't bother explaining to them that you can't control who you fall in love with.
Just think of this and nod your head, know that you are the stronger woman.
Hold your heads up high, hang that flag in your front yard, stick 100 magnets on your car, and then give yourself a pat on the back.
I found this so comforting. As it is 1:30 a.m. and I am alone, my husband working, like he has every week night since we were married. Working "mids" 11 pm-7 am or sometimes 6pm-4 am. Knowing the obstacles that lie ahead of us with shift changes, last minute duties, TDYs, deployments...expected and unexpected to Iraq and Afghanistan, briefings, exercises, and never knowing much for certain, we can't help but smile. The pride I have for my husband goes beyond words. I am PROUD of my husband and the position he holds and of the country he fights for every day. I am proud of what we, him and I stand for as a couple. For this is our life! And there are women out there that feel just like me. God bless each of you!
With much love,
An Airmans Wife.

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