Thursday, September 24, 2009

A curse known as the...Hiccups

It's 12:43 am to be exact on a Friday morning and I am sitting in the garage as my husband tries to fix our 10 year old lawn mower...with the hiccups.

My sweet nephew Mason has taught me the ULTIMATE way of getting rid of hiccups and I swear on my life it bite down on a straw then drink water from a cup...and VAHWLA you are rid of this horrible curse known as the hiccups.

I am sitting here, killing myself for not buying straws for this very reason, to right Mason, and get rid of this nasty curse.

I suppose I will go to sleep and hope that they will not interfere, though doubtfully, and have sweet dreams.

My dear Mason, I miss you so. I think of you daily and die inside a little with every thought. That I will not be there to see each growing, progressive moment you live. Mason, forgive me for the life I have chosen. For it isn't to exclude you, but to better mine and to grow an amazing life God has provided me. I love you my little monster, more than you will ever know, my April Fools baby. Thank you for teaching me how to rid myself of this horrible curse called hiccups!

Aunt Boo


  1. Yeah That made me cry. We miss you all so much but know it is the best thing for you guys. We pray this it temporary. I love you and so does Mason.

  2. im cryin too!!!! you need to all know that ALL of us die a little inside daily without you, our little baby! your presence is totally missed and god i just miss you... my "little/ big" sister who has prob taught me as much if not more than i have taught you in my life! all of know as well as the kids that there is no better place for you than at billys side....and im with jessica in hoping its just temporary!