Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I know I've been awful with this whole blogging thing since the wedding but there isn't much going on! Yes, the newlyweds are old and boring! Here are some updates though:

#1: Billy is working "mids" which means 11pm to 7 am. He has been on these since we came home from our honeymoon. It is an obstacle for us because he gets home around 8, crawls into bed around 9 and sleeps until 4 or 5 then goes to work out at 8. We're working diligently on finding a routine to get used to these awful him whippin' my booty back into shape at the gym for quality time. I'm sooooo sore!

#2: I am STILL unemployed and going stir crazy! There are seriously no jobs here. I looked in the Valdosta Times last Sunday and they had maybe, MAYBE 10 jobs listed...none of them either interested me or were in my range of capabilities. Great. I will resort to serving if I must!

#3: Tallil is a new dog down here. If you remember, she was scared out of her mind of men when we moved. And scared of her shadow. We, my mom and I, were seriously worried that she may not adapt well in her new life! Well, little did we know, my little, big pup is a STRONG little lady! She loves her daddy so much! She whines for him when he leaves, whines for him to come in the door after he opens the garage door...and she talks to him...I mean TALKS! It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I love the way they love each other...though I'm afraid I will be jealous soon! She also hated the car...she's such a rider now! I no longer have to pick her 90 lbs up and put her in the car...she willingly jumps in and asks where we are going! It's so great!

#4: We, I think, have found a church. A Baptist church. The worship is a little, um quiet, but the preacher rocks! Our Sunday School class is for young families. We are doing a study, complete with a workbook, on making a marriage strong in God's eyes. I feel such a burden lifted and an answered prayer. Now, if only we stay up with the workbook!

#5: LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!! We went home with Courtney and Charlie, a newlywed couple that we hang out with and love dearly. Charlie works with Billy and Courtney and I met when the boys deployed last November. We went to Millen, GA and saw their little, tiny, spread out town. Everybody knows everybody, everybody knows every body's car, everybody knows every body's was so amusing! It made me really appreciate small towns! We hung out with 2 of their friends Friday night and learned how to play my new favorite card game...GOLF! We woke up early on Saturday and went to the outskirts of Augusta to visit Charlie's diddy, (daddy). He and his wife graciously hosted us for the night! We went out on the lake on Saturday then grilled out and had a party! Some of their friends game over and we stayed up until 4 dancing, talking and was so much fun! We woke up Sunday morning, hung out some more then headed home. We stopped back in Millen to take something to Charlies momma and decided that we would stay there.. We hung out with the same 2 friends again and I dominated them in Golf...ok, I didn't because 1 of them cheated! Tallil was graciously welcomed by everyone and all the little doggies we encountered. Charlies diddy and step mom have 3 little 5 lbs white fur balls and 2 cats! It was SUCH a fun weekend. Thank you Charlie and Courtney for showing us your home and giving us such a great weekend!

#6: I'M COMING HOME! Tomorrow morning I will leave my sweet husband and my baby for the first time. Billy really doesn't want me to go but is excited for the break, I'm sure! He was adamant about me not taking Tallil home with me. He does not want to be alone in the house! I am coming home to watch Jessica and Tom's sweet babies for their 10th Anniversary trip to NYC! I'm so excited to spend quality time with them! My goal is to spend some alone with with each of them... hopefully it will work out that way!

#7: If you're still with me...I HAVE ANTS IN MY KITCHEN! I have no clue where they came from or why they want to make my life frustrating! I don't have any food left out on my counter, I haven't left any food out. I have 2 "Ant B Gone"s and I suppose they are doing their jobs because there aren't anymore ants in that area...they just moved. COME ON! Help, I need help! I wipe my counter off at least 3 times a day and sanitize it with Clorox wipes twice a day. Ugh.

Aaaand there you have it!!! Our little life in a nutshell!

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