Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Best Weekend in San Antonio...Saturday!

I am so excited about this post!  I really don't know why except this past weekend was so much fun and I'm so excited about everyday from now until the end of the year!
I think I told you that on Saturday I was going to have a spouses brunch at our house...well we had 4 spouses show up and it was perfect.  A small group of ladies, chatting, eating yummy food and getting to know each other better, what could be better?  I'm an awful blogger because I forgot to take a picture of us. Grr.

Then Saturday night the Becks and the Sparks went out for date night...the second since I had John Pierce!  I'm not much for leaving him, I don't like pawning him off on leaving him with others...unless your CeCe! 
Big thanks to Nay for keeping him for us!  This night was so much needed!

We went to Sushi Zushi, downtown and it was delicious!  Jenn and I were talking about how being there made us feel like we were in the young and hip crowd, again, ha.  We were surrounded by college or fresh out of college "kids", eating, drinking, laughing and having a great time...It was such a great energy to be around!
Then we tried a wine bar, we lasted long enough for me to go powder my nose...this bar had a french feel to it and was very quiet...not our scene!  So we ventured a few more blocks to SWIG.  They had a fabulous cover band...when we walked in she was covering Adele, and doing it fabulously.  Then she did an Amy Winehouse, I was hooked.  We ventured outside which was the river walk!  This was the place I've been raving to go to since we moved here and I had no idea!  We sat outside, had a few martini's, people watched and occasionally heard the band...really we just people watched!
It was so great to get out without the baby, feel like an adult and not a just a mom, have delicious food, wonderful conversations with great friends, laugh and people watch.  Walk around enjoying the cool breeze that Saturday night had to offer...a rarety.  And most importantly reconnect with my love after two and a half weeks of barely seeing each other!
My handsome other half! 
Can we please draw attention to his triceps?
Our date for the night! 
We love this couple.  I've mentioned them before but here you go mom...meet Chris and Jenn...names to faces.  It's a rare day in our house where Jenn and I don't get together and play with John Pierce and Jack.  They are 6 months apart and as John Pierce learns to play more him and Jack have more fun, it really is great to see them play together! 

Tomorrow, I'll blog about Sunday, it needs it's own day!
Happy Tuesday Friends,

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