Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Best weekend in San Antonio...Sunday!

When Jenn and I planned our Saturday date night which was "Billy's Birthday Celebration" we thought Billy didn't have to go into work until 1400 on Sunday but that wasn't true...he had to be in at
So, after John Pierce and I went to church we decided to take daddy some protein bars, Gatorade and monsters!
We got to watch his flight do emergency evacuation drills out of the dorm onto the drill pad...
 The little specs by the "outhouse" looking building is Billy and his trainer
 This is Billy's flight and he is weaving in and out of their rows, yelling I suppose.
 Billy and his trainer walking to us.
 Please excuse their feet not in sync...they are babies?
 I love these two boys! 
This makes my heart melt.

We really love going to daddy's work.  I'm so fascinated with what he does and the trainees and everything the TI's have to do.  I really wish I could put on a uniform and play trainee for a day just to see what they do!  We also love it because we get to see daddy for a few minutes and it fills Billy and my "love tanks" since he's so tired when he comes home, it's supper then fall asleep on the couch pretty much every day so we try to stop by his squadron every time we are on base...and sometimes we make special trips to base just in hopes of seeing daddy! 
 Sunday was a perfect end to our great weekend because I got filled with the word at church, we got to see Billy for a few minutes, John Pierce got to love on daddy and we got to see him in action, sort of! 

This weekend Billy's best friend from Moody is coming to visit and we are so excited!  Hopefully Billy will get off at decent times this weekend so they can spend time together!  Charlie is such an amazing guy, I'm so glad to have him come visit and spend time with us...he is definitely someone we want in John Pierce's life long term!  I promise to be a better blogger and take pictures! 
Happy Wednesday friends,

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