Sunday, November 6, 2011

John Pierce says...

My mommy and I are in Knoxville for a month and decided to take a blogcation while here but...I broke her rules to tell you our big family secret...
And I'm so excited!!!!!!! Yeeeeey!
 I'm so GQ!
My mommy is due May 19, 2012. 
 She tells me I will be a little over 14 months old when my "little brother"comes.  She is 12 weeks and my "brother" is the size of a plum...thats pretty big ya know! 
No, my mommy and daddy aren't crazy, yes, they planned my "brother"..."he" just came a few months sooner than they expected! 
So, first there were 2, I made 3 and now there are 4! 

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