Monday, April 6, 2009

Big News...

Billy has been stuck on who to ask to be his best man for months, I mean, even before he purposed he was thinking about it. On Saturday night he made the tough decision that had been weighing so heavily! He asked Matthew Lougameno to be his best man! Here they are "choking their chicken"!

Lugi is so special to Billy and I have grown to love him so much! I will never forget when Lugi looked at me and said, "Becca, you're alright, your genuine"! Coming from Lugi that's a huge deal! Lugi is very protective and Billy and it was a huge deal for me to gain Lugi's trust and to get him on my side! Billy felt the need to prep me for meeting Lugi, like most do for their families. I can't explain how nervous I was to meet him! I couldn't shut up I as so nervous! But thankfully he saw past my chattiness! Lugi, I am so excited for you to be in such a special position in our wedding, I love you!

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  1. Becca,
    I just found your blog. You are too cute and I am so happy for you and Billy! Andy and I wish you many blessings for the future! I hope that I run into you soon!