Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We thought the Swine Flu sounded fun?

Today we booked out Honeymoon and we are SO EXCITED! Ok, Billy is not as excited as I am for the fact that he is shelling out money and he doesn't like to do that AT ALL! So...we are going on a cruise to MEXICO! Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas is our ship! And our Port is in LA! This is where we are going!
This is our ship! They say its the second to largest ship traveling the seas and I'm nto sure how I feel about that...and all the teen rooms and children activities...hopefully that means we wont hear crying the whole time?
We originally thought we were going to be going to Antigua or St. Lucia but average cheesy rooms at the resorts we were looking at were significantly more expensive then the suite with a balcony we chose here so the choice was pretty obvious to us! Plus, I get to dress up 2 nights...as MRS. SPARKS!!!

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