Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's been a while since I've updated so I thought I would tell you all about what is going on!

  1. BILLY IS NOT GOING BACK TO IRAQ IN AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord, my prayers have been answered! They also moved the second deployment back to March so there is a chance that he could go on that one...we are ecstatic to have a few months of normal married life before that chance could come!
  2. The guest list is finished!
  3. The invitations are ordered
  4. The save the dates are ordered
  5. The guest book is being ordered today and I AM ECSTATIC about it!
  6. An engagement party is in the works...and I didn't think it would happen so that's exciting!
  7. I'm almost caught up with The Knot's to do list that seems never ending and extremely stressful!
  8. My sweet Fiancee is on weekend shift which means he works 12's on Fridays, Saturday and Sunday then an 8 on Monday and is off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He is currently loving it...though it is only his first week on it. He says it's more laid back and he can create the pace that he chooses and can be productive at.
  9. I hate that he is on weekend shift because that means if I go see him on the weekends... hes at work the whole day, and if he comes here during the week I'm at work all day. Hopefully his willingness to do what others don't want to do will pay off...can we say no March deployment???
  10. Billy recently gave me Inphantago...its a lovely staph infection...on my nose! My new nickname is Rudy or ewsy...man, I love my family!
  11. We are DONE REGISTERING!!! Praise the Lord its over! We registered at: Bed, Bath & Beyond, William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Belk, Target and he is registering at Lowes. I like choices so now you have plenty!
  12. We got the CD of our engagement pictures yesterday...a post of our favorites will be up soon...I promise!
  13. My mom bought her dress this weekend, and I LOVE IT! She is gonna be rockin' it out!
  14. We picked out the flower girls "princess dresses" and they are PRECIOUS! I can not wait to see them in it! Anna is going back and forth whether or not she wants diamonds or pearls to wear...I scream pearls!
  15. The tuxes have been picked out and are in the process of being ordered.
  16. We are trying to figure out our new living situation...aka trying to get out of Billy's lease so we don't live 30 minutes away from everything. Though we love Nashville, Ga and the house that he has rented, I mean I REALLY love that house...I want to be closer to town...and my 3 friends I have there!

So, there you have it...

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  1. Where are you going to be moving? I guess where is he stationed? The planning is very exciting and I am so happy for you both.