Friday, August 5, 2011


John Pierce's little world is so busy lately, changing every's so bittersweet as his mama but exciting for him.  As most of you know our Pediatrician told us to start solids 3 times a day...her exact words I will never forget, "When you're sitting down to eat, he sits down to eat. Your food will get cold but that's the life of a mommy."  I think she has fallen off her rocker as far as 3 solid meals a day!  The AAP doesn't suggest giving solids until 6 months, let alone 3 times a day!  We decided to start him on cereal once a day a few days before we went in for our 4 month check up so we have continued to do so at night after his last feeding.  So a few days ago before his cereal we decided to try bananas.
  He liked them in
Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders because he mashed them himself and couldn't feel the texture of then banana!
But HATED them mashed into "liquid", I think he has a texture issue with them!
 First bite!
 This is the beginning of his "what is this nasty stuff?" face!
 Confused, trying to figure out where his cereal is!
 He's telling us that he doesn't like them and I'm trying to sneak another bite in! :)
When he is done or doesn't like something he leans to one side, shivers his body, spits the food out and half smiles...this is the half smile. 
We like them now, thankfully! 
I have such mixed feelings about what is right for him in regards to food because he's giving me the signs that he's ready for food and barely spits it out when given to him but the AAP and people on kellymom STRONGLY feel you shouldn't until at least 6 months.  Grr.  Where is that handbook again?
Happy Friday friends!  I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!

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