Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hat Ceremony

On Friday Billy had his Hat Presentation Ceremony!  It happens during Basic Military Training graduation which is one of the coolest things I have been too.  I've never been more fired up for my country or the service men and women that protect us than I was on Friday (which says something because we all know I'm seriously patriotic!), watching my sweet husband receive his hat and being witness to 400-500 men and women pledge their lives to the service of our country.  My nose is tingling as I write this. 
 Here is MTIS class 110624 anxiously awaiting their hats...wearing their soft hats for the last time!
 Billy giving up his soft hat! 
(I think this is the first time in the graduation I started to cry.) 
"The Training Instructor hat that I wear is a symbol of honor, integrity and excellence in military deportment.  My job is one of the most important in the Air Force and I will spare no effort to properly prepare young men and women for military duty.  I am dedicated to the principles of fairness, firmness and honesty in my dealings with those entrusted to my charge.  I am pledging to strive for perfection and to reject mediocrity both in my personal behavior and in the performance of those for whom I am responsible.  I am an American MILITARY TRAINING INSTRUCTOR."
 Shaking a Senior Master Sergeants hand.
 I can't believe he did it!!!  Ok, that's a lie...I knew he could and would be the best because he is so driven and diligent but HE DID IT!!!  He worked so hard.  He was always ahead of the class in lessons and homework.  He would go to his squadron when class was dismissed to watch a class or practice with someone what he was going to teach the next day.  He screams his commands anytime, anyplace to find his voice and master it.  He would get up on Saturdays to go PT and practice parade with his squadron to make sure he knew what he was doing and get ahead. 
Sorry ladies, he's taken! :)
 Look at that perfect arm swing! (6 inches to the front 3 inches to the back)

Sra. Dudley, Ssgt. Bailey, Ssgt. Sparks! 
Billy is now a part of the 331 Training Squadron...
"May the Lord have mercy on the Wolf packs prey"
Congratulations class 110624.  May the Lord guide you and your trainees always!
Get em!
Happy Tuesday Friends,

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