Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm a TI baby

On Thursday Billy graduated Military Training Instructor School.  I am so proud of him, I can't even describe to you.  There were 3 awards given on Thursday, my amazing husband received 2!
 Billy receiving the Excellence in Instruction award
 Billy receiving the Distinguished Graduate Award!
 Getting his graduation certificate
 About to sing the Air Force song
His class!

When Billy and I were in Valdosta he became fed up with his job so he started praying for God to direct him into a life of purpose, to up root him out of what he felt had become unchallenging and mediocrity.  God graciously answered his prayers like he promises and set the ball into motion for Billy to start a life of challenge, integrity, honor and high service.  He gave him a servant heart for those starting their military career.  He fulfilled the desires of his heart and opened the door to Billy's dream. 

"No other figure in Military lore exemplifies leadership more than that of a Drill Instructor.  The Drill Instructor preaches the gospel of  duty, honor, service to country and the importance of team above self.  In the Air Force they are called Military Training Instructors and their professionalism is matched only by their dedication to duty." Tim. E. Johnson

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