Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Portraits.

I'm trying so hard to be an avid, active blogger so John Pierce will have a place to come back to and see the things we did and so my family can keep in our loop but during my trying I always get left out of pictures!  I have a fear that I wont have any pictures of my family when Lambie was little to show him when he is older so I took full advantage of Cece being here for Billy's accomplishments to indulge in some family pictures! 
 I only posted this because it was our first MTI family picture! 
Billy has lost a total of 25 pounds since we arrived in San albino Ethiopian, the TI! 
Please excuse my shiny face!  It was 1,000 degrees in that room!
 Cece flew in the day this was taken so she could celebrate with Billy!  Look how fresh she looks?  Um, I'm pretty jealous, she doesn't sweat, sorry mom!  I think she was as excited as I was to be able to experience Billy's festivities and accomplishment with us!  I love this picture for so many reasons...1. look how proud she is of my husband?  It makes my heart so warm to see someone besides myself delight in his victories, especially my momma! 2. Look at Billy's eyes sparkling, he loves his Cece something special.  He couldn't believe she flew out here just for him!  3. My child is looking right at the camera and looking so scrumptiously precious!
Thank you Momma, for coming and loving Billy like he is your own.  Your love means the world to him, he is overwhelmed by it and the lengths you go to show it to him! I pray that John Pierce marries a girl who's momma will love him like you love his daddy. Your graciousness and servant heart for your children and their spouses is something I admire most about you and I pray diligently that God will give me a heart like yours.  
 I love this picture and I have no idea why!  I can sit and pick it apart and usually that would make me hate it but for some reason I still love this picture!  Maybe it's the rank or the flags?  Or the handsome man beside me?  I do know it isn't for the fact that my arms are showing my daily insanity workout because THEY ARE NOT! 
My favorite favorite picture of the weekend!
Look how scary my albino Ethiopian looks with his jaw bones piercing out under that hat!
My sweet little lamb sleeping so peacefully and sporting his love for VOL country on such a big day!  He did so well through Billys graduation and the BMT graduation...he didn't make a peep and easily feel asleep on me...that NEVER happens, ask anyone at our church!
I was blessed with 2 extremely handsome boys to love!
I'm taking away from this weekend a sense of honor for my husband that I hope I can hold on to during the next 4 years of suppers for 1, empty bed, long hours, early mornings, late nights. 
Happy Friday Friends!

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