Thursday, September 29, 2011

1st week, BMT

From what I understand this week is pretty boring...
They are in lots of classes, which is good for John Pierce and I because we have a chance to see Billy during the day!

Pretty boring, I know but somehow Billy is still exhausted!

On other news, John Pierce has 2 teeth that you can see and that are almost all the way out...poor guy has been miserable and eating everything...
but he's so stinkin cute with them!  I'll post a picture of him soon, he tried to eat the phone when I get it out to take a picture!
He had chicken for the first time the other night...
He doesn't look like he liked it in the picture but he did...he ate 3 oz. FAT KID!

I'm hosting a spouses recipe swap/lunch at our house on Saturday, hopefully we will have a better turn out than we have had at other ones before.  I think I'm making red beans and rice, yummy southern, fall food.  I'm excited to see what other dishes are brought and expand my recipes! 

Happy Thursday Friends,

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