Monday, September 19, 2011

I Love you, because...

33 years ago today God brought an Angel into the world...30 years ago he brought my sister...26 years ago he brought my husband...25 years ago he brought me and 3 years ago he brought Billy and I back together. 
God gave the world Amanda Arms (Yo) 33 years ago today...she is my sister Amanda's (Mannie) best friend...see where I was going? 
Mannie invited me to Yo's birthday party so of course being the little sister I tagged along.  2 days before the party I got a late night email from an old boyfriend of mine saying he "wanted to catch up in the most non creepy way possible."  Thinking it would get awkward I invited him to the party since his brother was going and if we didn't mesh he could hang with his brother. Genius plan I thought!
Well, we did hit it off, I knew when he kissed me goodnight (I drove him to his parents house where he was staying while in town on leave and we sat in my car and talked for hours, always a favorite past time) that I would marry him. 
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YO!!!  I will always be grateful for you and your birth!

Now, back to my love!
The first picture we took together...on this day, 3 years ago!
I was just looking back through the blog and found this...
Since I've already done a "what you've taught me" today I will do a
"I Love you, because..."
1. HE is MY husband
2. He is a great provider!  He works hard so I can stay at home and love on our lamb.
3. He loves Tallil more than I do, silly, I know but he make her a better dog which makes me a better doggy mommy which makes our world better. 
4. He keeps me in check, respectfully and lovingly because he knows I want to be better.
5.  He loves my family as much as I do, he lets us be loud, crazy and take over his space every time we are together, he goes with me to all the family things we do together and he honestly loves every minute.
6. He surprises me with gifts because he loves me
7. I ALWAYS feel safe and secure when I'm with him
8. I love his laugh, I mean his belly laugh, I call it his elmo laugh.  It makes my heart smile and my nose tingle every time I hear it.
9.  He watches my shows with me...and likes some of them and doesn't complain when I refuse to watch his awful, manly, vulgar, barbaric shows.
10.  He eats whatever I cook and enjoys it...even when I'm unhappy with my creation he always smiles and tells me it's good.
11. He randomly sends me texts in the morning saying, "I Love You." or "I'm thankful for you" just to start my day off right!
12.  He tolerates and allows my incessive spending on my monogram obsession.  He lets me monogram whatever I want and smiles with delight when I excitedlyy show him what I had done!
13.  He is a rock.  When I'm anxious he gives me the time and attention I need to get it out then lovingly, gently and reassuringly puts me back into a reality where God is in control.
14. He loves our son and wants to be with him all the time.
15.  He is proactive in John Pierce's development and learning.
16.  He loves the Lord and strives to further his walk daily.
17.  He listens to me talk...and talk...and talk!
18.  He makes me feel beautiful when I feel like an ugly toad.
19. He is making his dream come true and enjoying that challenge daily.
20. He lets me pick what we eat or where we eat because I love food so much.
21. He comes back and says goodbye to me every morning with a gentle kiss and a long hug. (this is one of my favorite moments of my day)
22. He looks at me and I see his soul and all the love he has for me, our son and our Lord.
23. He lets me be me, loud, embarrassing, caring, sensitive, God fearing and anxious.
24.  He tries his hardest to help me not miss my family and make me feel like home here with him.
25.  He loves our country and is proud do to what he does for it daily.
26.  He makes sure I know how much he loves me daily.
27.  He is him.  He is a strong, determined, hard working, loving, caring, romantic, and an amazing husband and father.  He makes me want to be better every day.

I love you Billy, thank you so much for loving me like you do.  Cheers to forever, my love.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of us, I think it describes us perfectly!

Happy Monday Friends,

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