Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flight 726 Zero week!

On Wednesday Billy started his first solo flight, meaning HIS first flight!  This is a HUGE deal for us.  Billy is eating it up, he is working miserable hours, making green mistakes but has kept such a great attitude through it all! 
On Wednesday morning he woke up at 2:30 to be at work by 3:30, he likes to be there over 15 minutes early.
He came home at 9:00 that night.
On Thursday he woke up at 3:00 to be there at 4:00.
Came home at 9:00 again.
He woke up at 3:00 on Friday.
Came home at 12:30 am.
He woke up this morning at 4:15 to be at work by 5:00.  In his zombie like he forgot his uniform so John Pierce and I loaded up and took it to him.  Base was so eery that early in the morning.

The Trainees arrive at Lackland anywhere from 6:00 on Tuesday until 3:00or 4:00 am on Wednesday.  They go through inprocessing  at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing) then they have to be put to bed within an hour of arrival to their squadron.  Then they are sleep deprived!  Here are some videos from youtube that I found of what Billy's doing this week! (Please excuse the lame guy, his videos were the best I could find.) 
These are pretty long, warning!

I can't find a video of what it's like when they first arrive to BMT b

I love this one!  One of the stories Billy has always told me about BMT (Basic Military Training) is when he first arrived to his dorm and they made him stand in front of his locker and scream his's shown in this video!

Fun Fact 1...this is taken in Billy's squadron!
Fun fact 2...the female TI ( Tsgt. V.) in this video was Billy's MTIS Instructor, she is pretty bad.  She was awarded the MTI Blue Rope of the year...she really took Billy under her wing, she saw his potential and started his molding.  She has contacted Billy's NCO's to check on him...can you tell I love this woman?
The second TI ( Tsgt. F.) you see yelling is now Billy's boss...can you tell he's in good hands?
The tall, bald TI takes a boy to talk to the Tsgt. V. in the "snake pit" this is where the TI's sit during chow and harass the trainees...I'm DYING to sit through a chow!  In this instance the scared boy is holding the position as chow runner.  This trainee reports the flight.  Poor trainee looks terrified. 

Please ignore the annoying guy.

Other things that happen during zero week are, initial shots, the start of their military records, they learn basic drill movements that they will use to survive and they get yelled at and yelled at and yelled at some more.

So, that's what billy has been up to since Wednesday, I'll post about week 1 next week!
Have a great weekend friends,

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