Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Keep Austin Weird"

John Pierce and I traveled to Austin for lunch and shopping with my cousin, Heather, and had so much fun!  She lives in Ft. Worth and had to be in Austin for a week for work so we took advantage of having family close and spent some great quality time with her. 
We went here for lunch...
and it was AMAZING! 
 And we ate every bit of this...
I really can't explain how delicious it was!
Our lunch date!
After lunch we decided to drive a few blocks, it was 106 that day, don't judge, we weren't being lazy, and walk the streets and see all the amazing boutiques that we couldn't afford!  Seriously, if money grew on trees or if the military got paid more I would be in clothes heaven in those boutiques!  Anyway, we learned the slogan for Austin is...
and they do a really good job of this with huge chia pet joke and tooth brush holders with crystals and metal!
 told ya!
We ended our visit with a shake from a place that serves blue bell ice cream shakes...we were in heaven!
It was so great to see a familiar face, especially family. 
We love you Heather, come play soon!
Happy Tuesday Friends,

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