Saturday, September 10, 2011


I will admit, I really hadn't given the anniversary of 911 to much thought until I turned the radio on and was mindlessly flipping through the stations and I stopped because I heard this precious little girls was a 10 year tribute to 911...she was talking to her daddy, she talks to him over the 10 years and tells him about her life and how much she misses him. 
I was hysterical driving my son home from his daddys work.  How am I so blessed to have my family? 
Thank you, God, I got your point LOUD AND CLEAR!
My heart is humbled and heavy for these children. 

Here is the amazing song:

I'm embarrassed that it took me hearing this to remember.  It shows me how caught up in our lives I  have become and how just because my husband has dedicated his life to protecting our country doesn't mean that I should over look those lost on that day 10 years ago.  I am going to put a note on my prayer board, (that I will make, thanks to pinterest) reminding myself to pray daily for these families. 

On a lighter note, the UT game is on in SA is a good day!
Happy Football Day Friends,

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